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August 17, 201809:32 AM
Williams Kherkher Williams Kherkher updated their profile picture.
August 17, 201809:30 AM
Today on this sunny (dry) day marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey. Harvey claimed the lives of 107 people and is on record as the most costly storm in US history. Harvey was estimated to have dropped more ...
August 16, 201809:34 AM
Williams Kherkher There are still so many people who need to hear this even a year after Harvey. #HoustonStrong #HurricaneHarvey
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August 15, 201809:57 AM
I can't believe such an amazing creature lives in Texas. Has anyone actually seen an Ocelot in the wild?πŸ†
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August 14, 201809:08 AM
August 13, 201808:58 AM
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August 10, 201810:53 AM
August 9, 201801:04 PM
Williams Kherkher Williams Kherkher shared their note.
August 8, 201809:54 AM
What do you think Houstonians? Who ate Whataburger last night?
August 6, 201811:10 AM
What if I was exposed to asbestos while working for a company that no longer exists?
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August 3, 201812:06 PM
Happy Friday!

A fun throwback to earlier this year! 😊
August 2, 201809:21 AM
Williams Kherkher Definitly something to keep in mind.
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August 1, 201809:52 AM
Have you been lucky enough to see one of these odd creatures in the wild?
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July 31, 201808:37 AM
To learn more click the link HERE:
July 30, 201812:40 PM
Five Household Appliances that Pose a Hazard
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July 25, 201809:51 AM
Rodeo season is a long ways off. Will you be ready? πŸŽπŸ€ πŸ‘’πŸŒ΅πŸ‚
July 24, 201811:19 AM
The Real Story of Asbestos Last week we highlighted Samantha Flores and her work in our Asbestos litigation. Asbestos is still affecting many individuals and their families today even though products containing asbestos have been banned. Here is great informational video talking about the history ...
July 23, 201809:16 AM
Williams Kherkher Did you read our latest blog?

Check it out HERE:
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July 20, 201810:29 AM
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July 20, 201809:17 AM
's cover photo Williams Kherkher updated their cover photo.
January 31, 201804:57 PM
With decades of trial experience, our legal team has recovered billions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Learn…
December 28, 201703:07 PM
For all news from Williams Kherkher follow our new, official twitter account! @WKlawfirm
November 20, 201704:32 PM
Judge Braden has appointed Armi Easterby and Williams Kherkher as Co-Lead Counsel for upstream claimants. Read more…
July 13, 201701:38 PM
Learn which common household appliances could be a danger to you and your family, here:
June 20, 201712:43 PM
Do not hesitate to get started on your case, as it could hinder you in the future. Learn more, here:…
June 6, 201701:20 PM
Do not let an accident put you in a desperate financial situation. Discover how we may be able to help you, here:…
May 25, 201712:41 PM
With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, it is important to know the dangers of propane tanks in gas grills.…
May 13, 201711:26 AM
Williams Kherkher secured a $16.5 million-dollar verdict on behalf of two injured workers in Houston. Learn more:
May 10, 201701:18 PM
Discover some of the common causes of aviation accidents, and how we may be able to help your case, here:…
April 28, 201712:23 PM
Each type of distraction on the road has the potential to put other drivers and pedestrians at risk. More, here:…

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